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Nytt album! Kommer
25. august 2023!

anders wyller

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anders wyller

Anders Wyller (b. 1964) is a Norwegian singer/songwriter born and living in Oslo. Best known for the hit Bicycle Riding. He has released a number of albums since his debut album, One og these Days in 1990 and participates as a singer on several Norwegian record productions.
Wyller has worked with various artists such as Ketil Bjørnstad, Anne Grete Preus, Deeyah (Deepika), Silje, Knut Reiersrud, Bugge Wesseltoft, Eivind Aarseth, Grete Svendsen, Maria Solheim and others.


One of these Days ​(Sony/Origon, 1990)
Father's Land​ (Universal/Mercury, 1991)
Varm i Hodet ​(Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 1994)
Til en kvinne, div art.​ (Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 1997)
Davidsalmer​ (Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 1997)
Goodbye Surfing ​(Platinum/Musikkoperaørene, 2002)
Bicycle Riding – Best of Anders Wyller (Platinum/Musikkoperatørene, 2003)
Save a Kiss for the Troubadour (Platinum/Musikkoperatørene, 2005)

Det regner i Oslo (NorskAmerikaner, 2009)

Hei sol! (singel, Oslo Plateselskap, 2017)

Norsk Skog (Oslo Plateselskap, 2018)

50 Ways to Save your Lover (singel, Oslo Plateselskap/Musikkoperatørene, 2020)

Skinny Songs (Oslo Plateselskap/Musikkoperatørene, 2020)

God dag, mitt barn! Strindbergs brev til Anne-Marie (Kirkelig kulturverksted 2022)

Hjemferd (Oslo Plateselskap/Musikkoperatørene, 2023)

Foto: Marte Glanville/Kulturtanken, Studio; Geir Sundstøl, Konsert: Morten Haneseth

Portrett: Marianne Lystrup

_DSC4271 fint portrett.jpeg
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